08:00 Registration

14:00 Guided tour to Siklós



19:00 Wine tour to Villány by bus or motorbike

22:00 free bus ride back to Harkány

10:00 Guided tour to Harkany,Abaliget,Orfű,Magyarherteled,Sikonda,Komló,Pécs,Bóly,Harkány

14:00 Our Vice President Jozsef Klippel is going to show his Oldtimer collection in Boly.

Then István Nagy "Baka" is going to be our host for a FREE lunch. Baka is the rider, who has visited the most international treffens, so believe us, he has much of an experience

16:00 Back to Harkány

21:00 Light Parade

22:00 Music with DJ

10:00 International motorcycle show to Pécs

12:30 Leisure and walking in the city


15:00 Back to Harkány

16:00 Street Fighter Show by "Mokus"

20:00 Closing ceremony, awards, music with DJ

14:00 Treffen area - closing time

good bye and see you again!